Thank you for completing your HGS Sponsorship application. Please expect to hear from us shortly. If you have not received a e-mail confirmation within 72hrs of your application submission, please contact us to request a status update of your application.

Being approved means you are part of our HGS Team! No matter the level of your sponsorship, you have the support of HGS to ensure you continue enjoying your passion while benefiting from some of the exclusive perks of being part of our team!



Based on your level of sponsorship and participation, you will receive special discounts on HGS Products and Special SPONSOR ONLY rates for any HGS Service.

To get your Exclusive SPECIAL SPONSOR ONLY Rate on your next project, submit your project details below.

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PROJECT highlight & MEDIA

As an Exclusive HGS Sponsor Team member, you have the opportunity to have your Car, Motorcycle, Boat and/or other HGS Custom Project promoted and highlighted in possible print articles, various websites, and various Social Media channels.

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HGS & “Just Dip It” apparel, merchandise, and SWAG

As part of your Approved Sponsorship Package, you will receive various HGS SWAG which includes and our branded “Just Dip It.Net” Apparel, and other merchandise throughout the year and during your Sponsorship Term.

The best part is you have the ability to earn your Annual HGS Sponsorship Kits FREE just by reaching your sponsorship goals during your Sponsorship Term and you’ll get your HGS Starter Kit credited back to your account.



Want to be part of the development of NEW and EXCLUSIVE HGS Products before they are released to the public?

Want to be part of product Demos and Promotions?

All HGS sponsored individuals and teams have the opportunity to participate and be involved in helping us develop and display NEW HGS Products before they become available to everyone else.

Based on the information you provided in your sponsorship application, any time a new product is being developed for your vehicle, motorcycle, boat and/or business…you will be notified and contacted with information and details. Please make sure your info is updated and as complete as possible.