At HGS, we provide the most competitive prices by processing all orders through our proven production system where we have developed and adhere to specific procedures for each product, application, and/or process. Whether it be one of our stock pattern designs or a one-off custom project, this allows us to effectively control all processes from start-to-finish through our experienced production methods. 

Because each client's project is different, our initial goal is to fully understand the project and ensure we have collaborated with our customer to meet all their necessary project requirements and milestones.  This will determine how HGS develops the best "recipe" to ensure the project's success. 

And whether it's a personal product, a one-off custom prototype, or a full scale production product, HGS guarantees the BEST PRICE for the quality we provide through our products, our specialized coating services, and our professional approach to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Start a project today and experience the HGS Difference!