HydroGraphic Solutions(HGS) is always looking for great people to help spread the word of the great service and provides we provide. We offer a wide variety of sponsorship programs which are evaluated on a number of categories. This allows us to provide different levels of sponsorship to a number of individuals committed to their passions. You don't have to have the most customized and radical car, bike, boat, etc. It's about how you are able to share your experiences to others you know and meet during your sponsorship term. 

Some benefits of being Sponsored by HGS include:

  • Exclusive discounts on services and products only available to those we sponsor

  • HGS Swag to include apparel, stickers, accessories, and cool products only approved sponsors receive.

  • HGS rewards and promos throughout the year

  • You’ll receive shout outs on HGS Social Media sites such as FaceBook, Instagram, etc.

  • Your Project could be selected and featured on our website.

  • Opportunities for NEW Product Demos before they are released to the public.

If you interested in learning more about the HGS Sponsorship Program and being sponsored. Please complete the information below and we will be in contact with you shortly with sponsorship approval and details regarding your sponsorship. 

Thanks again for your interest in HGS!

Name *
If you are interested in additional sponsorship opportunities with Air Suspension Upgrades, Installs, and Trunk Set-Ups, please provide details of your current suspension set-up.
Once approved, you would be required to wear an approved HGS/JustDipIt.net apparel during your event(s) which you would receive from HGS(minimum 1). Please indicate your shirt size
Once you are approved HGS sponsor, you will be required to submit approved posts on various social media platforms. Please provide your FaceBook and Instagram User names so we may tag you on appropriate posts relating to your sponsorship.
If you were referred to complete this application, please let us know who referred you.